France approves same-sex marriage: Should the U.S. follow?

  • If your arguments against are because of religion then WAKE UP.

    You should not discriminate against someone because of some religion founded 2500 years ago by slightly loopy nomads who wrote some book! Same sex marriage is fine. It is 100% equal to EVERY SINGLE OTHER KIND OF MARRIAGE! If you are a homophobe, you don't deserve to live in the US aka the free country. Frankly homophobes don't really deserve to live anywhere.

  • Yes it should.

    Regardless of whether France approves of same-sex marriage, the United States needs to do the right thing and allow homosexual couples to marry. There is no reason they shouldn't marry. The bible does not dictate laws in the United States, and so this should not be the reason for not letting them marry.

  • Yes we should.

    There is not one reason I can think of that we should deny same sex people to get married. They are very much in love and just want to have the same union that everyone else can have. I think that the US should be on the forefront of this.

  • It saddens me that I even have to explain why

    I have no reason to concern myself in another's personal life, unless the actions of that person will negatively alter other lives in some way. I have no right to concern myself with the love life of any of my countrymen (or women) unless invited to do so. To simply draw a line in the sand to say two consenting adults cannot be together is the equivalent of telling me I can't date women with dark hair because other people think women with dark hair are icky. It's senseless, and it's damaging, and honestly - it's plain embarrassing to be the "land of the free" (as long as you agree with the strict guidelines of invasive religions and overbearing governments).

    Put plain and simple, we're crushing someone's love because it's not the same as ours. It shouldn't have ever been illegal in the first place, let's make it right.

  • The U.S. Should approve same-sex marriage, like France

    The U.S. should follow france in approving same-sex marriage. This is because of the fact that homosexuals are just like any other people except for the fact that they have different sexual and romantic preferences. Homosexuals should be able to marry each other because there's nothing wrong with homosexuality, and because the fact that they can't in most states infringes on their freedoms.

  • Yes they should.

    France has approved same sex marriage, and the United States of America should follow. For the United State, being the land of the free, does not allow a certain group to be free and make their own choices. The United States is currently denying gay people their right to be married.

  • LOVE is LOVE

    If different-sex marriage is ok, what make same-sex marriage any different? Try to imagine being forced by the government not to be allowed to marry the one you love. There is no down side to gay marriage, and if other countries are allowing this, why should the U S not?

  • Happiness is Key

    If someone is happy, then let them do what they want! How is it any of our business what makes someone else happy. It annoys me when "homophobes" are rude to people who are of the same sex, and together. It is none of our business, if someone is happy with someone of the same sex, who are we to judge?

  • Time to get with this century.

    The gay marriage issue is this decade's interracial marriage. Those trying to stop progress and equality in the sixties made the same bad arguments that those trying to stop equality now make- and history will look upon them just as unfavorably.
    No one has the right to deny equality to our citizens based on sexuality- particularly not because of a religious belief.

  • Yes, same sex marriage should be approved by the US.

    I agree that same sex marriage should be approved here in the States. Everyone has a right to their own choice or preference in marriage. It is part of the benefit of being American. We should not criticize or prohibit this same sex decisions. I hope that this is allowed in the future.

  • No, traditions are more important.

    No, the U.S. should not follow France in approving same-sex marriage, because there is no need to have it. Traditionally, marriage is between a man and a woman, and there is no reason that that cannot continue. People can enter into whatever agreements with someone they want. They can write a will leaving their goods to someone. There is no reason to have a special status of wife and wife for same sex couples.

  • No, France could have their own KKK style groups.

    France, did not have a popular vote on the issue, is such a vote occurred, the chances of it succeeding are minimal. Then the argument should dead and buried for all time. What benefits, does it have, it is more useless misplaced emotions clogging up of the beurocracy by self interests groups. American states against gays should stand strong for democracy in the face of undemocratic pressures.

  • Marriage is outdated.

    I do not believe gay marriage should be legalised as marriage is an an outdated and nonsensical practice. People are given tax breaks, medical cover ectera simply on the basis on they what, "fell n love" or some other bullcrap. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Marriage equality; equality in no one having one.

    After all, if people see fit to differentiate between a "religious marriage" and a "legal marriage" then simply scrap the outdated and nonsensical 'Legal marriage' and either create some sort of Church of the Homosexual or go bother the Pope or whoever is the head of your particular band of backwater desert fiction.

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