• Hooray and I am in favor it, yes

    Such deadly and sustaining poisons, as pesticides are, reek havoc farther greater than the mind can imagine. If appropriately used, pesticides can be used to benefit the health and well-being of humans. However, as some of these "concoctions" have had effects far more devastating and over used than the creator would ever had imagined. If I could convince anyone that there is such an unpredictable horrible snowball-effect on nature it would be well worth any amount time spent doing so.

    There is an old adage that goes, "If a tree falls in a forest will anything hear it?". The answer should be that, yes, humans are not the only creatures with ears. The same, then, falls true for, "Just because I do not see it, does not mean it isn't there." We are killing things we do see.

  • Save the bees!

    The current high use of pesticides has driven the number of pollinating bees to a shockingly low figure. If we lose the bees then we will be on the way to extinction before we know it. More countries need to follow France's example and reduce their use of pesticides in any way they can.

  • Chemical pesticides aren't neeed in this case.

    This is a great decision. Although pesticides help keep the leaves on trees from getting full of holes and help keep open spaces green, having less pesticides is better for people. in general. If we were less picky about calling natural plants "weeds" we would still have some bug-resistant plants in green spaces that we don't have to chemically treat.

  • No, it shouldn't be a general policy.

    The purpose of pesticides is to protect certain plants or animals from harmful insects and parasitic growths, so it seem contrary for self-proclaimed flora and fauna lovers to ban its use. Granted, not every plant is in need of them, and there have proven to be harmful chemicals involved in them, perhaps a more intricate and specific regulation can be applied to both its application and prohibition. Also, it might prove helpful to simply warn/inform people of their usage in public places by putting up (warning) signs, that way people can decide for themselves whether or not take whatever risk may be present.

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