France closes four mosques for "radical ideology", does this infringe on freedom of religion?

  • Yes, this infringes on freedom of religion.

    Yes, this infringes on freedom of religion because everyone should have a place to practice religion, regardless of which one they choose. Why should certain religious buildings be closed while others remain open? It is unfair to treat some religions differently than others. It shows how much further we have to go.

  • No, it doesn't at all.

    The closure of four mosques by France authority for allegations of radical ideology does not in any way amount to infringement of freedom of worship. Radicalism that leads to acts of terror should not be encouraged in places of worship. The France government is in order to close more should they find other with the same ideologies.

  • No, it is not.

    Extremist Islam, extremist Christianity, extremist Judaism, extremist Buddhism, extremist atheism, etc. It is time to acknowledge that when people in a group become so extreme that they dehumanize other humans and attack them that they are no longer members of the religion or ethical system that they claim they are acting for.

  • They have to protect their citizens.

    If mosques are teaching people to go out and hurt the French people, that is not freedom of religion. Rather, that is an act of war. Mosques cannot be open training grounds in order to practice hurting others. France has had so much terrorism in the last decade there is nothing wrong with asking the people to step up and protect themselves by shutting down their training camps.

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