France closes mosques: Should France stop fighting terrorism and become a Muslim country?

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  • They would lose their freedom.

    France should continue to fight for the things that they believe it. It is better to live free than to die as slaves. Security is not security at all when the people cannot choose for themselves how to live. For this reason, France should continue to root out terrorism as long and as often as they need to.

  • A Definite No.

    France should in my opinion not close Mosque but it does not nor should ever become a Muslim Country. It saddens me to see such a great country like France go through such turmoil however they should not give into the terrorist and their demands. France needs to stay strong and keep fighting the tyranny that is trying to invade and attack it's people and it's ideals.

  • No country should yield to the threat of terrorism or the spread of Islam.

    France has a cultural identity and tradition that is uniquely its own and is as valid as any other, so it must therefore be granted the respect it deserves and be maintained. The spread of Islam is not wanted by a majority of the inhabitants and they should not be forced to abandon their culture and traditions due to political correctness or terrorist threats. Muslims must realize that they are moving to live in a country that does not embrace their religion and accept it and assimilate, or move elsewhere. No one is begging them to relocate there and it is primarily their own fault that their region is so unstable and prone to such outbreaks of extremism and fundamentalism.

  • No, France should not stop fighting terrorism and become a Muslim country.

    No, France should not stop fighting terrorism and become a Muslim country. At the same time, they should be more accepting of all religions. They have a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment which must be corrected soon. France is too progressive to let anti-Muslim feeling bring it down. It must embrace everyone.

  • No, they should not.

    France should not become a muslim country or stop fighting terrorism, but they should learn to respect the Muslims that live in thier country. They need to end the prosecution of muslims, which dates back more than 100 years. State sponsered descrimination of Muslims in France needs to end, as Muslims are French too.

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