France continues "state of emergency" after ISIL attacks, drawing demonstrations: are the protesters going too far?

  • The country needs to be alert

    The protesters should realize that France is trying to protect its citizens and they should realize that terrorists are dangerous at all times. There is no time when a country can be safe from terrorists. The protests should not take place as the French government is only putting the welfare of its citizens first.

  • Need to Live

    Despite growing security concerns, keeping everyone in a state of emergency for too long hinders the quality of life. People cannot go around life being scared all the time. There has to be some kind of respite. The protesters may be going a bit too far because they're not being treated unjustly. The government is just trying to protect the people.

  • Not enough information

    I'm afraid I haven't kept up with politics as much as I should be lately, so I can't say I know what the protestors are doing in France. However, I know that the French love their protests. Still, I think now is a time for caution, if we are to believe our lawmakers.

  • Protecting the country

    ISIS is a dangerous terrorist group that attacks without warning. So far their attacks have been devastating and fills everyone with fear. In the attack against France they made home grown terrorists and infiltrated the country. If they were capable of turning people against their own country then i see it as a precautionary 2ndmeasure to stay in a state of emergency until it is certain that France is safe from another terroristic attack caused by someone already inside the country. The protesters should look at the bigger picture. The government is doing this to protect the country.

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