France cracks down on factory farms after a viral video campaign. Are viral videos the new way to protest?

  • Yes, viral videos are a great new way to protest.

    In today's age of social media, viral videos are a great way of protesting current issues. Due to how quickly these videos can be shared via social meida platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is the ideal way to make information available to the public and to gather support for your cause.

  • Yes, viral videos are the new way to protest.

    Viral videos have become one of the most effective change agents in society today. Therefore, these videos are probably the best new way to protest, because they can be seen by millions, sparking a mass outcry for change. Technology has made shooting and distributing viral videos very easy. One can simply film something on his phone, upload it to the internet, and the video can be watched by millions. In short, viral videos are the new way to protest.

  • Yes, viral videos are a new way of protesting.

    Yes, viral videos are a new way of protesting. Media has become a huge part of our every day lives. In my opinion, most people check some form of social media daily. Therefore, an effective, new way of protesting is online and through social media. Viral videos make spreading information that much faster and to a certain extent, more effective.

  • Viral videos are an ineffective way to get a message out, and their use is limited.

    Viral videos can have a tremendous impact on popular opinion if the maker can get enough people to view the video. Many go unnoticed, regardless of the value of the message contained within them. There is no way to tell if a video will go viral. Viral videos are a fad that will be replaced by a new technology soon, but nothing can match the power and intensity of a well organized and well attended demonstration. That is the surest way to secure some action on the government's part.

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