France has banned the burqa, is it against our fundamental rights? Should America do the same?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • Yes, I believe banning the burqa is against human rights. No, America should not do the same.

    We live in a large world, large enough to have different populations, that each have different beliefs, traditions and values. If we start to forbid these people to be who they are, we destroy their culture and by doing so, we destroy them. If we want to cohabit pacifically, we must accept each other, and instead of depreciating each other's beliefs, we need to admire the fact that a human being is such a complex animal that he has so many different values.

  • Yes they should.

    The ideology or cultural significance is not the issue. Its as simple as America has laws where covering your identity is prohibited in certain venues like banks, service stations etc.
    And not implementing those laws to everyone equally, defeats the purpose of having laws if they only apply to some. I find people crying racist to be more ignorant then racist people themselves, as it is highly overused to the point disliking someone of a different race because they are a bad person is considered racist based on the fact that they are of another race. There comes a point when we are becoming too politically correct and need to remember common sense.

  • I believe the

    USA has every right to ban it. Normal interaction requires I can at least see who I'm talking too, it always astonishes me how people arrive in a country and expect the laws to change for them or the old cry of "racism" or religious rights comes up .Travel as I have in some of these countries and see what becomes you if you ask for similar courtesies religious or otherwise extended to you. When in a foreign country you respect the flag , the people and the law's , if you don't like them tough.

  • Yes. Ban it.

    It is against US law to cover ones face to protect the rights of African-Americans from KKK. I do not know what is under the berka. I do not know if it is a woman. I cannot tell if they are armed and dangerous. It is a made up gourmet in Islam. It is not part of their religion. It simply is easy to follow dress code of the qua ran. They do not own the gourmet, so anybody can wear it. In Philly, its being used to rob banks and stores. Terrorists only force it and want it to conveniently move around from one place to another in plain site without being caught.

  • Yes it should be banned

    I'm not from American so I wouldn't presume to lecture another country on this issue but every country has a right to ban such things if they choose. It's got nothing to do with race. I don't care who is behind the burqa, I don't wont to see people wearing it. Just like I don't want to see other intimidating items worn such as a motorcycle helmet.
    Being able to see a person face clearly is important to me. Public spaces are there for us all. Covering ones face in public is not fair on the rest of us.

  • It is totally racist and unacceptable!!

    Banning the burqa is truly racist and an attack on Islam. It is nowhere acceptable as America is a multicultural country and therefore racist laws like these cannot exist. This will only spread hate and is truly against Islam where it is required to dress modestly. We should spread love and tolerance for one another.

  • No, but let me clarify..

    I'm not going to argue for the outright ban on the burqa, but would focus instead on an ideology that is opposed to both American rights and human rights more broadly.

    As Lawrence Auster pointed out, "The formal meaning of “diversity,” “cultural equity,” “gorgeous mosaic” and so on is a society in which many different cultures will live together in perfect equality and peace (i.E., a society that has never existed and never will exist); the real meaning of these slogans is that the power of the existing mainstream society to determine its own destiny shall be drastically reduced while the power of other groups, formerly marginal or external to that society, will be increased. In other words the U.S. Must, in the name of diversity, abandon its particularity while the very groups making that demand shall hold on to theirs."

  • The first amendment states that people have freedom of religion not freedom from religion.

    If a Muslim woman believes that wearing a burqa is her right to express her religion, she should be allowed to do that. However, when she goes to get her drivers license, she has to show her whole face for the picture and if she is challenged by a police officer she must show her license and her face to the officer whether male or female.

  • No way Jose

    Now I'm not a Muslim, but I've heard that many women genuinely wear burqas as a sign of faith. If you're gonna ban that, just ban religion while you're at it. You're suppressing other people's rights. It's common sense that such a policy would further alienate moderate Muslims who have nothing America. Let France do what France wants; we're the land of the free.

  • No they shouldn't

    That is like telling someone they can not weir a shirt cause it's green >.>.. If wearing one of these is what some ppl want to do then do be it let them.. Most who wear them in our country of USA are doing so out of their own free will.. How would ppl like it if they all the sudden banned hats? I know I would be angry cause damn it if I want to wear a hat I should have the right to do so..

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dnasir says2013-09-29T11:17:42.213
The question is a bit confusing. If you answer Yes, you're basically saying that, Yes banning the burqa is against our fundamental rights and that America should also ban them.