France threatens to sue social media users for sharing burkini ban photos. Is France going too far?

  • France unfortunately has crossed a line by threatening to sue social media users for sharing said photos.

    France issued a ban on burkinis, which in itself is something that should be readdressed in the French government. However, they take it one step even farther by threatening to sue any social media users who post pictures of their controversial ban. This in itself shows guilt and fault by the French government and further shows that their ordinance is something that should be altogether removed.

  • Yes, France is going too far in suing social media users

    The social media world should be open and be not subject to lawsuits for sharing photos. If there are damaging photos posted to social media sites, then the media site administrator needs to monitor the flagrant users and restrict their account. It is difficult to police social media because of the amount of traffic and usage.

  • I believe France has gone to far with the banning of burkinis.

    I think France has had a knee-jerk reaction to the recent terrorist attacks by banning burkinis. This is clearly an attack on Muslims and does nothing to increase security or prevent a future terrorist attack. This could be a sign of more bans to come and possibly a complete ban on Muslims entering the country.

  • They can't sue people for sharing pictures

    France is getting ahead of themselves if they plan to sue people just for sharing burkini ban photos. They will never get the people of their country to back this, and if anything it will have the opposite effect and cause even more people to post the pictures. It is too far to even consider it.

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