Frances moves to ban child beauty pageants to stop the 'hyper-sexualization' of young girls. Should other countries follow?

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  • It is semi-revolting.

    While there is a cute aspect to seeing toddlers and children prettied up, there is also an inherent sexualization in doing so that attracts attention from perverts (JonBenét_Ramsey) and is completely unacceptable. Children both need to be protected from this and the menace it can provoke and they need to be able to be children too.

  • Banning Child Beauty Pageants Is Good

    I believe when you take into account shows like, Toddlers & Tiara's, it is clear that there is no good use for child beauty pageants. While children may enjoy the competition initially, it usually ends badly. I believe these organizations, and especially the parents, are trying to hyper sexualize their children and make them into something are not and they shouldn't be. I don't see any real purpose for these contests and I believe it is good that France is moving to ban them. I believe other countries should follow.

  • Yes if they find it worth it

    I don't think child beauty pageants need to be banned. They can be beneficial to children if done correctly. However if the country feels this is not possible and sees too many people taking advantage of the pageants then yes banning the pageants is in the best interest of the children.

  • Other Countries Should Follow France and Ban Child Beauty Pageants

    Yes, other countries should follow France's lead and ban child beauty pageants. Such pageants do exist to serve the hyper-sexualization of minors, and not only that, they promote to children the ideal that beauty is all that matters. France was right to eliminate these pageants, and the rest of the world would be wise to follow.

  • Other countries should follow France's lead and ban child beauty pageants

    Child beauty pageants often encourage young girls to be painted, spray tanned, and dressed as adults in an effort to make them achieve a standard of beauty which basically makes them look like adults. This sexualization of young girls should be considered abuse. It is natural for girls to want to play dress up and wear make up but to paint them until they no longer look like themselves (Honey-Boo Boo for example) and dress them in revealing clothes is not the same thing and sends the message to these children that to get attention and be loved they have to act like older women.
    Every country should realize this isn't right and take a stand to stop it.

  • Right move all the way!

    I more than agree with the decision made by France on the beauty pageants for children. I look at the television shows on these pageants and the stress and pressure put on these little girls is reason enough to ban them, but then they make these girls wear skimpy little outfits and wear more makeup than most adult women! These parents, and I choose that word lightly, even have their girls dance in provocative ways, of course it hyper sexualizes these poor little girls! All countries should follow France's lead!

  • Yes, child beauty pageants should be stopped.

    Whatever young adult women want to do in order to gain fame or scholarship money has to be accepted in most cases. But children are vulnerable to their parents' wishes, and putting them in these types of pageants is just awful. They are sexualized and taught to compete with each other in ways that do not build character.

  • It depend on the pageants

    If the kid does not want to do it then they should not do it but if the kid is willing and their not forced then they should do it. Also not all types of pageants are bad and if the parent also the is not real that all realty tv.

  • Child beauty pageants are not sexual

    When it comes to child beauty pageants, I do not think they should be banned at all. They are not meant to be taken in a sexual way by a person in the right state of mind. I've always looked at these children beauty pageants as "Who is the cutest" content.

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