Frank Zappa's son being sued over copyrights: Should the children of famous people be barred from using their family name in their careers?

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  • I don't understand why they should be barred.

    Frank Zappa's son has the Zappa name and if he can't use his father's name, then who can? Since when did the relationship between an artists and his label become more important than the relationship between a father and his son? I wonder if such restrictions have ever been placed or talked about in other fields, such as politics for instance.

  • It's a ridiculous suggestion.

    A person who is born with a legal name should be able to use it no matter what the circumstances - even if their parent was more famous and successful than they are themselves. Suggesting that trademarks should be more important than a person's right to use their own name is indicative of a legal system that is verging too far on the side of big corporations.

  • No. They should not be barred.

    Children of famous people should not be barred from using their family name in their careers. This is because one mans mistake cannot be blamed to the rest of the family. Thus, when a child is named for instance, their famous parents do not think that their child will get in trouble.

  • A 'family' name is just that

    If Frank Zappa did not want his children to use his surname, why did he not address this issue while he was alive? Both of his children, Moon and Dweezil, have been in the entertainment industry and went by the family name. It makes me wonder what is really motivating this lawsuit.

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