Frederick County teacher gets fired for correcting spelling. Isn't that what teachers are supposed to do?

  • Yes, teachers are supposed to teach

    I don't think it is good to punish a teacher for teaching correct spelling or anything else that their students are supposed to be learning. The only justification for punishing a teacher for this is if they were demeaning their students somehow, in which case they should be pushed to show more sensitivity in how they teach rather than be stopped from teaching.

  • It is the teacher's job to correct students spelling. She should not have been fired.

    This story is ridiculous. Apparently the teacher corrected a student's spelling in a tweet. The student stated they were not offended by the tweet and the teacher was just trying to be lighthearted. The story also stated that the district was tying to find ways to be more engaging with students through social media. Well a good first step would be to develop a sense of humor. I hope this teacher finds a job with a school who will appreciate her sense of humor.

  • Totally out of hand

    First of all, she wasn't a teacher. She was in charge of the school's social media accounts. She simply came up with a clever response to a student's misspelling, and most people probably would have had a good laugh at it. I think the school went way to far in repremanding and firing the woman.

  • Yes, that is what teachers are supposed to do.

    The Frederick county teacher recently fired for correcting spelling should be commended for her fun and educational tweet. The fact that she was fired in this instance in which the supposed victim claims to not have even been offended is a bad sign of the times. Political correctness can be a useful tool in blurring demographic lines, but in this instance is unwarranted.

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