Free choice of health care provider: Should individuals have free choice in choosing their health care providers?

  • Yes, But Insurance Companies Often Restrict Access

    People should have completely free choice of health care
    provider, although of course providers should be free to decline any patient. Doctors
    declining patients is not the problem, however. The problem is that the
    insurance companies sometimes want to control who patients can see. Specialist services
    cost insurance companies more, so they often restrict patient access to such
    providers by forcing sick people to go to a gatekeeper doctor first. This
    restricts patient choice, and slows down their access to care.

  • Individuals Should Have Free Choice in Choosing Health Care Providers

    Individuals should be able to choose their health care providers. One of the most important aspects of health care is being able to build a relationship with a trusted, qualified individual. People access doctors and health care providers to become and stay healthy. If health care providers are chosen for individuals, the trust may not be developed. Additionally, in the case of workers compensation issues, if doctors are chosen for people without the opportunity to elicit a second opinion from another professional, individuals could be misdiagnosed, which would impact the economy.

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