Free public transportation: Can the state pay for public transport services?

  • Why not? They pay for everything else.

    The government currently subsidizes the public transport services in our area. Although people pay a small fee in order to ride with our transport authority, it is greatly reduced because of the money the government contributes. Even the employees of our local transport authority have a government pension plan. Sine they are already contributing so much to keep the agency a float it is not unrealistic to say the state can pay for these services. Besides, the government pays for cell phones, car businesses, and banks, why not pay for public transport as well?

  • That's a communist idea

    That is a leftist idea that doesn't make sense when you think about it. After all the market price of a ride on the bus or on the subway is determined by supply and demand. People who use public transportation can pay for it and people who don't will buy a car or get a taxi. I payed good money for a car and I don't want to pay also for people who take the bus or subway. That doesn't make sense. If tax subsidies are needed for a business to run then it should go bankrupt because obviously no one wants it. The natural economic process is there so that society filters out things they don't want.

  • Subsidies for others

    The state already subsidizes public transportation in many ways, and the payments already go towards subsidizing transportation to the poor in cities. Giving free public transport to all citizens would drastically drive up the cost of transportation in general, put huge strains on the infrastructure in place, and put a financial burden on those who don't utilize it.

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