Free public transportation: Should all public transport be free and paid for by the state?

  • Less congestion on Roads

    Free public transport means that more people will use it, instead of driving their own cars. Therefore there will be less congestion on the roads. With less cars, there will therefore also be less environmental impact with less exhaust emissions. As they say, a bus is worth fifty cars. In cities like Melbourne, in Australia, where the roads cannot support the amount of cars, this will be highly beneficial.

  • Free transportation would be beneficial

    Free public transportation would be very beneficial to many people. It would allow those with little or no money to travel farther to find work. Lack of transportation is a big set back for people out of work seeking employment. Free transportation would help in this area and also give everybody a chance.

  • There is no such thing as 'free'

    Everything comes at a price- which means that this 'free' public transport will be paid for by public taxes. This is not ok, as many people are already struggling to live with the high taxes. Paying for the transport will also mean cuts to things like public schools and hospitals.

  • What will it benefit for public transportation drivers?

    Drivers cannot earn money and many drivers will not work more because there is no money that comes to them. And when this happens, who would want to be a bus driver? I believe that usually people have jobs that can earn money well even though sometimes there are people who have kind minds.

  • No, users should pay.

    No, all public transport should not be free and paid for by the state, because users have a vested interest in supporting some of the cost. If it is all free, people do not have any responsibility to keep public transportation clean. Additionally, there would be a lot more people that would destroy the property or commit crime.

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