Free public transportation: Would free public transport help the environment?

  • Yes, free public transportation would help the environment.

    I believe that free public transportation would help the environment. If people would ride a bus or train to work instead of driving there would be a lot fewer cars on the highway. Fewer cars means there would be less air pollution from all of the cars' emissions. Having the transportation for free would entice people because they could save money by not having to buy gas for their cars.

  • Free Public Transportation Is Lucrative

    Free public transportation would indeed help the environment because it would be very lucrative to save money and travel by bus or train. Right now, buses and trains are quite expensive and aren't as lucrative as having the freedom and flexibility with your own car. Free public transportation would convince more people to lower their carbon impact and help the environment, even if it resulted in higher taxes.

  • Its a dumb idea

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