Free trade: Does free trade benefit developing countries?

  • Free trade is a paciefier for weaker and developing countries.

    The act of allowing free trade in developing countries makes for a more interesting economical environment. This could be key in creating a stimulus that allows for a countries new and floundering economy to grow, rather than to stagnate and fall apart. So in this way I believe free trade to be of benefit.

  • Yes, In fact free trade is beneficial to developing countries.

    Free trade benefits developing countries because it allows for more of the countries services to reach the globe and it also allows for other countries to reach inside of the developing country. This is helpful because it attracts more revenue other than trade such as tourism or allies with other countries within the country. Free trade helps build stepping stones for the developing country to gain a voice within other world powers and to strengthen. Trade attracts visitors from other countries and from there those tourists help disperse the developing countries goods and services outside of the country and to other parts of the world. This helps the country grow and prosper.

  • Concentrated Wealth still Rules

    Developing countries are adversely affected by globalization due to the fact that they are seen as cheap short-term investments. Free trade with more developed countries will result in greater levels of unregulated short-term capital inflows thus weakening the productive economy of a nation. There is also the threat of the developing country being seen as a hub for cheap labour and raw materials. I do however believe that free trade between many developing countries can be beneficial if framed in the right context.

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