Free trade: Does free trade respect national sovereignty and interests?

  • I believe that free trade respects national sovereignty and interests.

    I believe that free trade respects national sovereignty and
    interests. I believe that free trade
    is good for the sovereignty and interests of all countries. Free trade presents many opportunities for
    the members of any country if they are only willing to take the initiative and
    find them. Free trade is a good thing
    for everybody.

  • Yes, Free Trade Helps Everyone

    Free trade lowers prices for everyone. By allowing free trade, goods and services can sell for the least amount of money possible. Selling goods at market value without any manipulation from government means that buyers have more money available for other things. This reads to a richer economy for both the producers and the buyers, and riches are in every country's national interest.

  • Free trade is nothing more than corporate rule.

    Free trade doesn't exist anywhere in the world. If we don't have rules, we encourage the word actors. They win by exporting their pollution to poor nations. They win by exploiting income differences between America and other nations. Japan, China and many other nations are not interested in free trade. They just want to win.

  • Free trade is private colonization.

    Colonization and imperialism is when a political group exerts dominance and authority over another territory. It effectively puts large countries in charge of smaller countries and removes sovereignty. Free trade can take a smaller nation's economy and turn them into an industrial work horse for larger country's. For example free trade is the most profitable in nations that have little to no human and workers rights. The United States and China relationship is a great example. US firms turn china into a majority factory and investment economy so that they can produce products using underpaid and child labor to sell products to rich Americans. For American's free trade is great, for China they are dependent on keeping this relationship and so they are willing to put at risk national sovereignty and interests.

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