Free trade: Is free trade and economic globalization (integration) good for the world?

  • Working with other nations to create a global economy keeps product and services affordable.

    Although there is much hype about the loss of jobs in the United States due to free trade, free trade and economic globalization ultimately help the United States economy by expanding the platform for obtaining goods and services. The more options we have for manufacturing and purchasing goods, the easier it is to keep prices down and stabilize the global economy. With a stabilized economy, more jobs can be created.

  • Not as Currently Practiced

    Free trade and globalization as general concepts may well be good for the world. However, as currently practiced free trade and globalization are extremely damaging to the developing world. Most poorer countries have been compelled to open up their borders, without restrictions, to foreign products and capital. The result of this has been that nascent industries in these countries have been driven out of business. At the same time the elites in these countries have been able to gain great wealth, exacerbating the gap between rich and poor.

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