Free will is unpredictable so if we have free will there is no logical way that god could know everything that we will choose. Agreed?

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  • This is a valid point

    As an atheist, I can definitely say that you know what you are talking about. In fact, in the Bible, we see that because God gave people free will (supposedly-the Calvinists disagree), He has to go to all sorts of lengths to enforce His "Master Plan." Additionally, a friend of mine says he actually thinks free will is anti-religious because, primarily, it totally runs against the idea of an omniscient deity.

  • I Would Free This Girl's Will

    So I know a really hot girl who often attends my drap-burning bonfires. She is really cute and she has a great fit body. The only problem is, she has a boyfriend that hangs around her constantly. With free will, I would make this guy go away. Anyway, one time we were chatting each other up and flirting while her boyfriend was going to get some food and drink. He saw us, and then quickly stormed over angrily once he saw me.

    Needless to say, I have not invited him back. But he still comes anyway since I want his girlfriend to come. Please, free will would make my life way better.

  • Yes, the concept of free will is mutually exclusive to the concept of an omniscient and omnipotent god

    The concept of free will has always undermined the concept of an omniscient and omnipotent god. Omniscience and free will are mutually exclusive. A being cannot know everything that has happened and that will happen because the sheer act of knowing everything removes everyone else's ability to have free will.
    The omniscient and omnipotent god was created by religious leaders who were not very good at critical thinking.
    Faith = the purposeful suspension of critical thought.

  • I would say yes and no at the same time.

    The Bible said that God can see our future, and he knows us better then we know ourself.

    After all he did create us and he also created this thing called free will. So their for he knows everything their is about free will and how it works.
    For God to give us complete free will he will have to strongly restrict himself. Because he is the only thing that can stop and enable our free will. Yes free will is surely unpredictable, but that saying is only true for human, not God. In the Bible God have stop people from making choice that they were going to make anyways. Well it was obvious to the reader. For example. When Abraham was asked to kill his own son. He was going to do it, as he set the scene for his son final hours, God knew that Abraham was going to do this anyways, but he also new that Abraham could have reason other wise and not do it. So i think to a certain extend God can see what we most likely might do, but he can not be absolutely 100% sure of our actions.
    Another example, when people where building tail building to reach the heaven's this was even surprising to God.
    Another example when Adam and eve sinned, God knew what they have done, but he still asked Adam why, and yet Adam choice to lie to God. So as you can see, God does restrict himself to enable us to exercise our free will.

  • God knows all

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  • No not exactly

    For example, if we go into the future and see what is going to happen, then we would know what people choose. That does not mean free will does not exist. God is outside of space and outside of time. He knows what you shall choose in the future before you choose it because he is omniscent.

  • Subjectively yes, objectively no

    The Bible says two very important things about God and Man:
    Man is a sinner, and a fool.
    God made Man, and will judge him, but also died for Him, for redemption.
    It makes no sense if you think about it.

    Man is predictable, even genetically predestined sometimes for failure and sin. Yet God shall judge him by his actions.
    For this, the "free will" argument is born, to "protect" God from His own authority.

    If you try to argue with free will, you will end up in the twilight zone of the likes of the ressurrection and the Trinity. You will enter argumental loops and paradoxes, because you can't explain these things logically, but you see the effects of its reality.

    Also, even according to the Bible, the will of man is incredibly predictable. This is why psychology and other sciences can accurately predict our behavior. Some of it is just so obvious. We don't like to admit this, but there is a reason statistics and behavioral models exist.

    So free will, then, is only subject to criticism from our perspective. From an objective, supernatural perspective it's just an illusion we like to enforce upon ourselves and the ideas we have about God.

  • Invalid assumption in the proposition

    The proposition assumes an insufficient capacity on God's part to discern what His children will do under a given set of circumstances.
    The scriptures say that this earth was created to "prove them herewith". Prove to whom? ... To us. God knows, but we also need to "know" that God's judgments are just. The only way to do that is to prove it through allowing us to use our agency to make choices and then pointing out the resulting actions (to us) as proof.

    This agency requires that there is a part of us that was not created. Had we been entirely created by God, we could do nothing but what we were created to do. Agency naturally exists in us because we are at our essence, eternal beings. God is helping us progress... A thing we could not have done on our own.

  • Omniscient and outside of time.

    All future events have a degree of unpredictability to them because we experience life through time. The major monotheism all say that God is outside of time, seeing both past and present in the “eternal now.” A God which is outside of time can know both past and future events in the same way.

  • God is generally considered Omniscient.

    The general consensus points to the Lord as being omniscient. Having a perfect understanding of everything, both good and bad. The reason that free will is unpredictable is because we are unable to truly understand a person. We didn't live their life, think their thoughts, suffered their losses, fought for their dreams. As the Lord understands us perfectly, He understands what our choices will be as well.

    I'm a Latter Day Saint, Mormon, and we believe in a loving god who knows us each by name and understands us, including our struggles, perfectly. He sends hardships our way, hardships He knows we can endure, to test our faith. And should we endure, we grow as individuals.

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