Freedom is an expression of humanity. Do you agree? Justify.

Asked by: ChrlsBlgr
  • Yes, Freedom is an expression of humanity.

    Freedom is an expression of humanity, However not the only defining trait of a human. If that were so, We could fall into a similar argument as Diogenes' rebuttal to Plato's definition of a man.

    The most basic freedom that we has humans evolved into, Or were divinely given(however you view it), Was the ability to make choice and recognize that we were making it, And why.

    In medium, Using this ability -that no other animal on this planet has the same level of- we are able to discern what choices lead to the least amount of options, And the ones that lead to the most, And the ability to see which will forward the community towards the better, And which will restrict the freedoms or choices of others.

    Slavery, For example, Though it could be reasonably argued that not all freedoms are gone, Shows us that inherent or innate freedom is restricted because of the choices to create freedoms that benefit the few.

    Freedom is an expression of humanity.
    In short, We make choices every day that shape the world to either benefit us or another, While having the option to restrict another or not.
    We consistently expand or restrict freedoms, And because of that, Freedom is an expression of humanity.

    Feel free to disagree or qualify, And debate as such.

  • We box ourselves on purpose

    Weve made a wonderful glorious idea and its name is freedom. We chase it and blame others for us not having it and yet we never truly attain it in the end, We may think we do but we just lower our expectations. Do you know why? We box ourselves. We love patterns as humans and we fall into so many. Sure we can break them again and again but we just keep falling. Maybe us breaking these patterns is the only thing keeping this ideology alive, But how long until we fall into the next set? Anyways as nihilistic as this sounds its good to have hope, Keep breaking patterns and try to keep the idea alive, I just think we keep prolonging the inevitable though.

    Maybe Im wrong though, Maybe I didn't apply correctly to your ideology of freedom. Oh well.

  • No, Freedom is not an expression of humanity.

    No. Freedom is not an expression of humanity. For in the early times of this world, Slavery is rampant. Still, Back then, They are human and humane. We can’t say that they’re inhumane for it’s the way they lived.

    And that's why Freedom is not an expression of humanity.

    Now, Reply if you disagree.

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