Freedom of speech include mocking religion ?

Asked by: muslim21
  • Satire and parody are critical in opposing hypocrisy and false claims of authority

    Religion is not just a belief system. It's also a claim of intellectual and moral authority over what others should believe, how they should act, how they should be treated, what laws should be in place, and how they should be enforced. So religious doctrine and religious lobbying can persecute, oppress, and create and perpetrate injustice.

    Mockery of religion is critical for the same reason mockery of politics is: being forced to respect the arrogant, tyrannous, malignant and fatuous gives it power.

  • Freedom of Speech includes everything

    Freedom of Speech is one of the greatest rights you can have. It allows you to give your free stance on anything no matter how unpopular or controversial that opinion may be to anyone or any group of people. Which means that the mocking of religion is free speech and is included.

  • Yes, it can but there has to be limits

    Freedom of speech is not an all encompassing right. There are limits to mocking that can be condoned. As others have said, there are many religions and they can't all be right. It is fair for people to criticize religions here and there (like atheists criticizing Christianism) - it will just be treated as plain rudeness. I personally feel that no matter what, if the religion doesn't cause any negative effects like violence but instead promotes peace and harmony (like Buddhism/Hinduism) why should we bother so much about what is right? As long as the values the religions espouse are right then there's no problem.

    But once the "mocking" crosses boundaries and results in negative things such as causing conflict (for eg the priest who burned the Quran in America quite long ago - that is an eg which i feel is too much), freedom of speech doesn't cover that. Sorry but many people have this misconstrued belief that they can play God (pun unintended) just because they have this thing called Freedom of Speech. Grow up man and stop acting like kids. Violence only begets violence. Whether we want a society that can discuss things like religion in civilised manner is up to us. Respect others' right to believe in whatever they want provided it doesn't cause harm to others, and they will do the same for you.

  • Religion, like other publicly traded ideas, is not exempt from mocking.

    Religions, like politics, philosophy and any other idea, is put out there in the public arena. More so than many ideas, it makes remarkable claims. It claims to speak for an all powerful creator of the universe, with specific instructions on how to behave in this world, and the fate of all people after death. With so many hundreds of different faiths, both now and throughout history, all claiming truth and denouncing the others, it is clear that they all can't be right. How are we to investigate and choose any, or none, if the tenets of said beliefs are exempt from the scrutiny of other ideas, including the freedom to mock bad ideas? When religion stops claiming to know the truth, and removes itself from the marketplace of bad ideas, then I will stop mocking it. Not until then. It doesn't deserve special treatment.

  • Nobody fears mocking Mennonites

    People have always mocked religions, but if a religion responds with violence then scared people start talking about outlawing mockery. Maybe if pacifist religions became violent, their beliefs government would outlaw mocking their religion.

    Freedom of speech, even offensive or threatening speech should not be restricted. The first amendment is very clear, yet government keeps finding exceptions.

  • If a belief is ridiculous it should be mocked

    If i told everyone that i believed the universe was 300 years old and that their children were going to be eternally punished because they won't believe in my imaginary friend, the all-knowing stinky sock, i should expect to be criticized. I would expect nothing less.
    Everyone thinks their religion is sacred while they criticize everyone else's as "false". By prohibiting criticism we perpetuate that fallacy.

  • Freedom of speech.

    Quote: First Amendment - Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech. Clear and simple. We can say what we want, because we can believe what we want. Those are our rights. They are in the constitution. You can check if you want. There needs to he opposing views because you says religion is right? You cant prove it. You also cant prove it wrong. If you cant prove something you form opinions. People have their own opinions. And you need to respect that.

    Posted by: D.14
  • To answer this question from a legal standpoint its not controversial and it does include the right to mock all forms of stupidity including religion.

    Christians used to burn people alive for not believing blindly in a their religion or for believing another religion that contradicts christianity which is all of them. And you fers are worried about a little mocking which doesnt hurt anyone? Unlike christians atheists and agnostics arent hurting anybody by mocking religion. Thats pretty stupid. I guess when christians change they expect everybody else to change with them. Things like religion (blind faith) should be mocked. It is quite a joke. It is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world. The more intense has been the religion of any period and the more profound has been the dogmatic belief the greater has been the cruelty and the worse has been the state of affairs. Every bit of moral progress in the world has been opposed by the organized churches of the world. Every improvement in criminal law, every step towards ending slavery, every step towards the better treatment of colored people, every improvement in humanity etc. have all been opposed buy the organized churches of the world and this is just scratching the surface of the moral progresses they have opposed. They contradict their "makers" morality while saying he has a perfect morality. Im glad people have mocked religion. If they hadnt i could very well be a slave or burned alive for not believing.

  • Ideas are never exempt from criticism and scrutiny.

    Freedom of speech entails...Well, freedom of speech! Speech wouldn't be free if it had the slightest bit of censorship. Granted, certain circumstances require appropriate and concordant behaviour, but that should be up to the individual to censor him/herself. People shouldn't be performing the censoring of others. That would be an infringement of individual rights. With that in mind, bad ideas deserve to be examined with extreme prejudice; therefore, bad religions deserve to be examined with extreme prejudice.

  • It will breed hatred and violence

    "Religion is the opium of the people" said Karl Marx. A staunch believer in whatever religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism) and also atheism (if you equate religion to worldview) would therefore not like their faith and beliefs mocked. It's human nature to hate having your 'people', your 'god' and your beliefs made fun of. Why can't we be courteous and human enough to let them worship what they want and not ridicule them?Mocking and ridiculing a faith and it's people would only tend to breed enmity and hatred. People would lash out against us if we do so.

  • Provocation NOT included

    This is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, you KNOW the reaction to what you say will cause people harm and likely death. You want to do something against religion? Use reason, not childish attacks and mockery. No religious person is going to read some mockery and then think to themselves "oh wow, ya my religion is garbage".
    Its not happening

  • Abuse on Freedom of Speech.

    The purpose of having the right to speak (a.K.A Freedom of Speech) is to state your own opinion freely without offending anyone or anything. So many people abuse this right to say what they think is right without taking any consideration to others' beliefs or opinions. Even if you think religion is ridiculous, it doesn't give you the right to belittle other peoples beliefs.

  • Your freedom end at freedom of others

    You can't mock a god or a prophet and you expect from people smile to you , we should keep in mind that every religion has his extremest followers and rednecks people , so if you touch any holy things in there religion by that what you think it's a freedom ,

  • Mockery is a form of bullying.

    Mockery is defined as "teasing and contemptuous language or behavior directed at a particular person or thing." It's okay to adress things that one believes are wrong with certain religions. That's called criticism, which is necessary to build a better world. Mockery, however, is just childish and mean. It serves no purpose in the progress of humanity.

  • It's not ok to mock someone, Let alone their religion

    The point of speech should be dialogue and sincere debate or argumentation without the motive to mock.
    If we are to be productive and want to convince someone that our opinion is correct or of a higher morality then insulting an mocking will effect the objective adversely. If our intention is to upset other people then that just makes us a sh@tty person. Besides that history and current world affairs are testimant to the fact that freedom of speech must have limitations and mockery of religion is one of them, Before the black people were enslaved their way of life was insulted mocked and belittled. "they're a bunch of savages", Religion is a way of life and is fear to people's hearts. Youu can bring up any topic and discuss any topic or deal with any people but the motive and the attitude, Intentions, And solutions are very important. Harm is not always physical, Therefore, Insulting with the intention to mock and ridicule has only one objective and that is to harm someone, In this case religion is being used as the means.

  • No it does not.

    Does Freedom of speech include mocking race? Does Freedom of speech include mocking sexuality? Does Freedom of speech include mocking peoples personal choices?. The answer to all of these is no. Religion is no different. If someone has a very strong personal belief then it shouldn't be mocked. There is also a thing called freedom of religion which includes a right to worship a chosen God. How free is it when you will be mocked for doing so? Mocking religion is not included in freedom of speech.

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