Freedom of speech on social media lowers the barrier to racism

Asked by: Nyo
  • Yes, but who cares?

    As a mixed race person, let me say that I don't care a bit if there's racism on the internet. So what? Improper behaviour can be controlled and moderated under the sole discretion of the owners of the website, but if I'm really "offended" by something, I'll just go somewhere else, or use my freedom of speech to retaliate. I generally don't recognise being offended as a real feeling, though...

    Guess what else opens the barriers to racism? Mouths! Should we all sew our mouths shut?

    Racism, under today's (wrong) definition of being any prejudice towards race, rather than what it actually is (which is actually a problem) which is people holding power and abusing it by oppressing particular races, is completely harmless. It's no more wrong than insulting a fat person or a short person - or a tall person... They're all just words, get over it. And stop mixing up the real serious issues with racism with the trivial manner of the common insult.

    The internet is the ultimate representation of free speech and freedom of expression - and no real harm can be done through it (except hacking). If people are forced to lose freedom on the internet, it will be the beginning of the end of freedom altogether.

  • Social media enables the emergence of racism

    We are now exposed to more racism because of the freedom of the internet. This causes the topic to become an emerging issue again because of the different opinions on the matter. Eventually, the use of freedom of speech on social media will cause a further division in cultures worldwide

    Posted by: Nyo
  • Freedom of speech

    There is a reason its called " FREEDOM" its not freedom* (see page 20 for more info) its freedom I can say what ever i want if you don't like it then leave. If you like it stay. No one is forcing you to do it. People who use offended to get away with stuff or to sue people are people who don't even have self respect. By putting some one down for their freedom of speech you are also putting down yours.
    As the other mis/sir said " If you live in a rich neighborhood you will look down on those who have less and vise versa" I live in a so called " rich neighborhood" yet i dont go around telling people who are poor that they need to go and scram. I may in my head but not in person. To conclude, Freedom of speech is freedom to speak any thing or any one you want. I can say that the current president is stupid ( or smart ) and that's practicing my right. I can say you are stupid ( or smart) and that's also practicing my FREEDOM of speech. If it has racism in there it still apples to Freedom.

  • We need freedom of speech for all.

    I'd rather hear KKK members on facebook than have corporations stop people from voicing their true views. Racism is based on ignorance, we need open dialogue to prevent ignorance, when people can speak and think freely they can let go of ignorance easier. Keeping peoples view secret helps no one.

  • Freedom of speech enables thoughts

    It is not social media that enables the emergence of racism, but the history that we are exposed to and then neighborhood that we live in. If you live in a rich neighborhood you will look down on those who have less and vise versa. If you look into history we have, in america, a history of racism due to the thought of we, the white population, are better than anyone. The internet allows a person to look at this and figure what to do different instead of what used to be.

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Craighawley215 says2015-01-21T15:00:24.313
I would say that social media is part of the issue, but a much bigger concern, to me, is the distinct lack of accountability that comes from being online. That's why people will say such inflammatory things over the internet; because people can't hold them to what they say.