Freedom or Equality: Which general philosophy of policy will result in a greater society for all, if it is emphasized over the other?

Asked by: BrockJohnson
  • Freedom over all else

    First, a definition of two words.

    Equality: The state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability

    Equity: The quality of being fair or impartial

    These words often get mixed up with each other, but they are different. Equity calls for justice, while equality calls for taking what you earned, and giving to another who didn't earn it. Equity calls for an outcome according to your input, and equality calls for an output according to a standard of society. Equity and freedom together make the best world for us to live in. It lets everyone decide the fate of their own lives. Equality makes you the same as everyone else, when in fact, not everyone is the same. There are many differences in the people around you. Equality would have you say that the shortest person that you know is obviously equal in value in a game of basketball as the professional player. Equality means being the same in quantity, degree, value, rank, and ability. Equality is a lie.

  • Freedom for general philosophy of policy.

    Equality has it's seemingly good attributes, but when you look at equality's effect on society, it does nothing but cause chaos and commotion. If everyone in a society had a red shirt(example), that would be equality and everything would LOOK orderly. But what about the people who can't afford a red shirt, or what about the people who simply dislike red. You cannot please everyone. So forcing everone to fit into a mold is wrong and too controlling.

  • "Equal" does not mean "like."

    Equality is not forcing people into a mold, it's ensuring that they have the same rights, and the same opportunities at the beginning of life, as everyone else. So, to an extent, equality is more important than personal freedom. However, taken too far (like making sure everyone has the same income or has to wear a uniform) obviously can't work.

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Which is yes for and which is no for?