• Limits? Real or not?

    As humans, We have a narrow idea that being limited is worse than being dead. Our ancestors had to fight to freedom, But even then, Freedom was limited. Some people are trying to say that, You cannot limit my freedom, But. . . That's usually people who may have murdered someone. When someone murders someone, Do you think that their freedom is still unlimited, Or do you think, Because they're behind bars, Their freedom might be limited. If they get out, Do we still want them to have the same freedom and risk our lives?

  • Natural Law is bad

    I saw one of the arguments on the no side which I agree with, It was that censorship and limiting freedom of speech is not freedom. I agree, We shouldn't do that, But if we're saying that freedom is whatever you want, No one is free, Even god, Because he has responsibilities and he has to obey eternal laws like what is right and what is wrong.
    We have to have laws, But all laws restrict freedom. With complete freedom, We go back to natural law, Where whoever is strongest wins and a nation will be born again. If we don't restrict freedom, Then that means that people can do whatever they want which includes: killing, Stealing, Etc. I agree that we should keep to the bill of rights and the constitution or whatever the laws in your country are, We should keep freedom of speech, Religion, Etc. But we need to restrict it or really bad stuff will happen.

  • Freedom is important, But should never infringe upon the freedom of others.

    A big issue I have with people who immediately jump to "But freedom! " whenever someone is facing consequences for hate speech that ultimately lead to violence for the target of said hate speech, Or the idea of having their semi-automatics taken away because they're used to shoot and murder schoolchildren on a regular basis, Is that they value their right to say hateful things and own dangerous guns for no good reason other than just because they can over real, Actual, Human lives. People should absolutely have the right to freedom, But never to the point where that "freedom" can be used to hurt/endanger someone else or infringe upon their own freedom to exist in the same space.

  • Everyone must be held accountable for their actions

    We have inalienable rights. We have the right to free speech and the right to believe whatever religion we want or believe in no religion at all. However, Freedom has its limits and for very good reason. If we just allow people to do whatever they want, We'll end up with absolute chaos. People will steal, Murder, Rape, And vandalize each other to the bitter end. Even with laws and punishments, These crimes occur in vast numbers. Just imagine how much more will occur without any laws or consequences at all. We can't trust everyone to do the right thing because the reality is, There will always be offenders. That's why we have a government by the people and for the people. It allows us to make laws to keep these offenders in check.

  • Why we need freedom

    Freedom limited by law and by our morality. . If law do not forbidden killing a baby of course i never do that. Law means limitation it is clear we need that for living. But for answering this question we should now why we need freedom? In liberalism we say human is free. We know what we are free from but do not know why we are free from.

  • It's ironic, But even freedom has it's limits.

    Limits are everywhere, And they are sane with a balance. Because we as humans have the freedom to kill or hurt everything. For example, The Earth, Other humans, Even ourselves. And the funny thing is that some of those limits are unconscious. And as you refer, Those limits are in our nature or implemented in our education.

  • It has to

    Unlimited freedom would lead to the worst parts of the bible ever seen the movie salo? I'm ashamed to say i have unlimited freedom means a few strong people enslave everyone esle, That is not freedom at all, Is it? There must be limits to insure everyone can enjoy freedom not just a few

  • But now it's not freedom

    S i m p l e, R i g h t? I f f r e e d o m h a s l i m i t a t i o n s y o u c a n t r e a l l y c all it freedom anymore, Can you?

  • This is America

    We can do whatever we want stop it commie. I live and die by the flag. Every morning I eat it for breakfast, And then I got out on the street, And tell commies to go not eat food. Soviet Russia was no good and they had no freedom. I am right no arguing about it

  • Freedom has no limits

    Freedom is means that we can do whatever we want. It's up to us to make the right choices though. We have no right to take away the freedoms of others. I don't think that freedom should have limitations because then it is no longer freedom. I don't want anyone telling me what is ok and what's not. I can do what I want

  • No means no

    Once upon a time, A girl called Jane realise there is 21 more words she would need to add in her argument so she comes up with a story. A person called Freedom has no limitations. He does lots of bad things, But mistakes makes him stronger than everybody else.

  • Never, Ever, Ever!

    Why? It is quite simple: once politicians and the like see that freedoms and speech can be censored, It is inevitable that the (widespread) underbelly of the government would be quick to attempt to seize the momentum of the movement and restrict other freedoms to ensure that the government has total power and no opposition. Freedom must never be infringed upon, Lest we set off a chain of reactions that ultimately leaves us worse than we began with.

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