French ambassador tweets the world is ending: Is the Trump victory a sign to foreign countries to be afraid?

  • Yes, it is.

    I believe that Trumps victory is a sign to foreign countries being afraid. This might lead to bad relationship with the foreign countries and also a hindrance to foreign exchange of goods and services. The French ambassador's tweet about the world coming to an end is a true impact of what we are going to experience.

  • Trump is a wildcard

    Nobody really knows what President-elect Donald Trump will do once he actually gets into office. He has talked about bombing other countries, but he has also talked about bringing our troops home. The uncertainty of the situation would certainly make me nervous, though not afraid, if I was the leader of another country.

  • So many reasons why

    Trump has no experience in any type of global diplomacy and I think he's vastly underestimated the sheer amount of work it will take to govern. Now we have to look to who will really be running things, and it's likely they''ll be radicalized religious right republicans who don't believe in science, a global economy or climate change. All this makes it very reasonable for global leaders to fear a Trump presidency.

  • He will be a strong leader.

    Foreign countries should be happy, because ultimately the world is going to be stronger. Trump is not going to allow Russia to just take over part of the Ukraine and shoot some planes down, like Obama has done. The rest of the world should be happy that Trump will stand up for the little guy and stand up for what is right.

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