• She is likely to win.

    French are not stupid they realize the EU will come to an end soon weather it is France to start the ball rolling or Italy or even Greece. Eu will come to an end France needs to get out early to protect itself. It's only the politicians who need to stay in the EU to protect themselves. The people want out!

  • Yes, I think so.

    Fillon had his chance and did nothing. France is now one of the most troubled countries in Europe, with racial tensions and no go areas every where in the major cities.
    Le Pen will win, because the French traditional citizens have woken up and do not like what the establishment parties have lined up for them.

  • She is leading in the polls.

    Yes, Marine Le Pen will win the election because she is surging in the polls at the moment. Le Pen is a populist. She is running on the promise that she will do things that make the people happy. This has resonated with people at the moment and it will carry her through to election day.

  • Yes it looks like Marine Le Pen will win in France.

    Pen is leading the race and the Republican candidate Fillon has lost the confidence of working class voters who supported Sarkozy. She was moving toward 27% and Fillon had 25%. Fillon is a rightwing and center darling but I think he is losing momentum and lacks the convictions of Pen who is fresher.

  • Yes, she'll likely win.

    Yes, Marine Le Pen will probably win the upcoming French elections. She is popular with the people right now. Months ahead of the nation's general elections, she is in the lead in the polls. She seems especially popular among working class voters, so she'll likely be the winner in just a few months.

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