French health care system: Is the French hybrid public-private health care system a model for the world?

  • France is yet again a model

    The WHO is right: French health care is a model. A product of the compromise of the Communist Party and the Gaullist, the French health care system mixes the best of every system and approach available and yields truly envious results. Instead of Obamacare, we should be pushing for this.

  • French Public-Private Health Care

    The French public-private health care system is a model for the world. The United States of America spends more on health care than any country in the world but covers less of its citizens. The United States needs to model its universal health care plan to the French hybrid system.

  • Not France but Germany.

    I have never heard of France's form of socialised medicine being paradigmatic. Germany's public-private system does strike me as paradigmatic.
    All Germans have access to healthcare in public hospitals and in many (but not all) private practices, by virtue of a 15% tax levied on wages. Half of that tax is paid by employers. Most German households pay more in payroll taxes to support social insurances, than in income taxes.
    About 25% of German households have private insurance, in most cases subsidised by employers. Subsidised private health insurance is a hallmark of white collar upper middle class jobs. Many medical practices only take privately insured patients. There are also some private hospitals.
    The result is a two-tier health care system: a basic system where the vast majority of procedures are delivered at no out of pocket cost, and a first-class system for the rich and the upper middle class. The Germans seem content with this arrangement.

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