French health care system: Would the French health care system save money?

  • Anything is cheaper than the American system

    The American healthcare system is an expensive and inefficient mess. There is a reason why every single country in the world does health care in a different manner than the United States does. The French spend roughly half of what the United States does per person AND get better healthcare for all of their citizens.

  • Yes, the French Health Care System Would Save Money

    I believe the French health care system would benefit most countries financially. The health care system in the U.S. makes it very hard for many people to go to the Dr. for routine care, such as physicals. This is due to the large expense of health insurance, as well as the expense of care without insurance. This prevents people from getting early intervention before illnesses become more severe, and also cheaper to treat. Many people get treatment once their condition become too painful and has become an emergency. At this point illnesses are much more expensive to treat. The French system makes early intervention available to all, due to routine care. Which, results in less money being spent.

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