French Man fined for "Too many Muslim Children" comment. Does France have too much Muslim people.

Asked by: Blaze123
  • 1 is too many

    One Muslim is too many Muslims. Do you remember 9/11? I don't. But that's because I have Alzheimer's, what's your excuse for letting Arabs into your country? My grandson deserves not to be blown up by a hijab wearing young man who isn't supposed to be here in the first place

  • Engineered Migrant crisis

    France is a white country attacked by the zionist push of mass migration in order to push for the largest genocide in human history , the outbirthing of the white population
    This religion is not compatible with western society and will destroy hundreds of years of our culture
    so it is prophesied

  • Every people need a homeland

    The homeland of the French belongs preeminently to the French. These foreigners have no right to supplant them, nor should they. It is the duty of every ethnic, racial, and religious group is to protect themselves first. Because they've allowed large parts of their homeland be colonized, the French are being attacked by hostile tribes and a hostile religion. France for the French, these others should leave.

  • Religion is a freedom given

    Religion is not something that should be judged. If people judged Christians and Christians did something rash about it people would be disgusted because Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek. However, if a Muslim is judged and they react rashly people call them terrorists. How is this possible in a world where we have given people freedom of religion (at least in my country)? So why should we of the world judge people for having children who are Muslim?

  • There's never "too many" muslims

    Though i can understand your fear, i think that the 9/11 attack does not define muslims. There are good muslims and bad muslims, just as there is good americans and bad americans. We are all people, and everyone should have a right to have their own religion. I'm sure whatever your religion is, you would want to have the right to practice it. We are ALL people, no matter your religion, race, or sexuality. Hopefully one day everyone can accept each other without our differences getting in the way.

  • Everyone has a right to a religion

    Every religion has had radical fanatics who ink they are acting on behalf of their religion, it just happened such a long time ago so that nobody remembers. Christians, Hindus, Jews, Atheists, even Buddhists have all committed some atrocities but that doesn't make all the people in that group bad.
    Does Britain have too many Christians in it? Does India have too many Hindus? Well according to what people are saying here, yes! France just has had a lot of press about Muslims recently and that is why people are beginning to question.

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