French police stage protests saying not equipped to protect themselves: Should more be done to protect law enforcement officers?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Good to see the police make a stand. Have to hope the government gives in and properly funds and equips them. However the leftist leadership is leery of equipping the locals; they won't tow the leftist line. In France the Police demand to be properly equipped by their socialist government. Amazing that it takes total loss of trust of Government for this to happen.

  • Yes, more should be done to protect law enforcement officers.

    Yes, more should be done to protect law enforcement officers because their job is to defend us. Therefore, we should defend them. They should not have to say goodbye to their families thinking they will not come home that night. We should do everything possible to get them home safely.

  • Law enforcement officers around the world need protection

    Yes, more should be done to protect law enforcement officers all over the world. They are in a dangerous job, more so now than ever and they never know what they will face. They should be equipped with all the protection and tools we can provide them, within reasonable budgets.

  • Law enforcement officers should have the equipment needed for their protection.

    It's important for the local community to support its police officers and do everything required to ensure the safety of their police officers in the line of duty. In the case of the French officers the government needs to provide more equipment and training for riot control to protect their officers.

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