• It's good to try new things

    Yes, it's ingenious that a power plant runs on cheese, because it's helpful that the power plant can use a natural product that is biodegradable. Using cheese is a lot better than using coal that is just going to end up creating waste. It's good for the environment and it also uses a product that could likely just go to waste otherwise.

  • Running on Cheese is a Great Idea

    Having a French power plant run on cheese is truly an ingenious idea. Finding alternate sources of energy is a way to help the planet and allow for better options when companies need to decide how to power their business. Running on cheese is unique and may prevent further destruction of natural resources.

  • Yes, creating power plants that run on cheese is a very smart idea.

    French power plants that run on cheese sounds like a very ingenious idea. It is my belief that people should try to save the environment and work to find ways to use things other than the depleting natural resources. Cheese would be a much less toxic substance and would be very easy to manufacture for an extended period of time.

  • Even if it is possible, it's a nonsensical idea.

    Taking out the reality of the situation where cheese is only used to power macaroni-based dishes, the idea is absurd. Cheese is not a renewable resource. In fact, producing cheese is a multi-step process that can take months to years to establish a finished product. France would lose power by the time enough cheese was stored to make one power plant run.

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