• It is tasty.

    Yes, I will buy French Toast Crunch, because it is delicious. It kind of tastes like making yourself toast with cinnamon and sugar, but it is easier, because I don't even have to put bread in the toaster. French Toast Crunch actually has the same basic but decent nutrients that most cereals have, so other than the sugar, it is not that bad for you.

  • French Toast Crunch is not nutritious, delicious or worth buying.

    French Toast Crunch is a novelty cereal that really does not need to be brought back. It is another one of those cereals that really doesn't taste like anything other than sugar. With 11 grams of sugar per serving, it is just one of those things that may bring back fond childhood memories for some, but it is just not worth the calories.

  • Oh Boy French Toast Crunch back, who cares.

    I will not be buying French Toast Crunch, it was not that good. I am not a big cereal person to begin with, but if I am going to eat cereal I will be picking something a little more to my liking, example coco puffs. French Toast Crunch does not even taste like french toast, I love french toast but the cereal is like eating little bits of cardboard. This cereal left the market for a reason, they are probably just testing the market on the next generation to see if their taste buds are numb enough to stand it.

  • I never really liked them

    French toast crunch to me growing up as a kid, was something you only ate because your friends told you about it. I had to beg my mom to get it and once I did, I did not enjoy the taste. I am glad they are back for those who like them, but I won't buy them.

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