Friendly Fire Kills Americans: Are we doing enough to protect our soldiers from these incidents?

  • We are doing all we can.

    Obviously, I am not part of the U.S. Military, nor have I ever been. But from what I hear and read, and I actually do know a lot of people who are indeed in the armed forces, I feel we are doing all we can to keep them protected and prevent incidents.

  • Yes, not much can be done.

    Yes, our military is doing the best work it can to keep these incidents from occurring. However, the reality of war is that accidents happen, and people will be killed in undignified ways. Our focus shouldn't be on stopping friendly fire when it's an inevitability in warfare- our focus should be on stopping warfare itself.

  • Look at Libya.

    No, we are not doing enough to protect our soldiers from friendly fire and other incidents, because there are times that we can step in and help our own soldiers, like in Benghazi, and we don't do anything to help. The current administration believes that our soldiers are far too expendable. It is sad.

  • No, we are not doing enough to protect soldiers from friendly fire.

    I do not think that we are doing enough to protect our American soldiers from friendly fire accidents in the battle field. I think that while a battle field is a very dangerous area that will have incidents like this occur, we should be doing more to make sure it doesn't occur.

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