• Yes, my BFF deserves celebration.

    Yes, I believe in celebrating BFF Day because I love and respect my BFF and want to show it. Everybody likes to be appreciated, and we shouldn't ever take people for granted. BFF Day and other days, like birthdays and Mother's Day and Father's Day, are a way to honor the people we love and thank them for playing very important roles in our lives. Of course we should do that every day, but it helps to be reminded at least once a year!

  • Sure, why not.

    A friend is an important person to you. Why not honor how important your most important friend is in return. This day was created just for individuals to show appreciation to a person deemed special to them in their life. So in my opinion, I think I should pay homage to that special person who's a friend.

  • Real best friends do not need any event to maintain friendship

    As is often the case, friendship needs maintainence. However, it is not necessary for us to do anything on Friendship Day to maintain it----there are a lot for us to do to protect the best friendship outside of Friendship Day: Be respectful; be honest; always there to support etc.. I believe they are more reliable goals than merely celebrate on FD.
    In all, a real friendship do not need an event to demonstrate.

  • Why should we have just one best friend?

    Friendship Day should be used to celebrate all of your friends, not just one special BFF. Even friends you rarely see or speak to still play an important part in our lives. We should cherish all those who are there for us through the bad times as well as the good.

  • Just one day?

    My best friend is my best friend every day; therefore, I don't need a national friendship day to celebrate her. Every day is national friendship day for true best friends. Instead of waiting for one particular day to be the best friend I can be, I strive to do it the entire year.

  • No, I have never celebrated Friendship Day because I celebrate it every day.

    It's every day that I spend with my friends that I appreciate them. I already take time at least once a month to tell my friends that I appreciate them, and I think that people should not only do that once a year. I expect my friends to appreciate me more than once a year as well.

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