Fritz Zwicky liked to insult people by calling them 'spherical bastards': Do we still have a lot to learn from astronomy?

  • Yes, we still have a lot to learn about the universe

    We know so little of our universe and are only recently beginning to grasp the extent of its size and how life originated, and we've only touched the surface of what there is to learn. There are still things like dark matter and black holes that we do not fully understand. The lessons out there may help us solve problems related to the scarcity of resources and global warming.

  • Yes, we have to tons to learn

    There is so much untapped knowledge that astronomy can give us that it is almost an insult that we have not bothered to glean more of this information for out benefit. There is so much potential good that can come from astronomy I have no idea why we are letting it go to waste

  • Yes, he put forward an idea

    The search for supernovae drove much of Zwicky’s research in the 1930s using the 18-inch telescope. But in taking spectra of supernovae in the galaxy after galaxy he also noticed that in many galaxies the quantity of visible matter was insufficient to account for the observed rates of rotation. There must, he reasoned, be more matter than can be detected by conventional means. As a result, he put forward an idea proposing the existence of what we would now call “dark matter.”
    It was an idea that was not well received at the time. Subject to an array of personality quirks, his advocacy of so bizarre a concept may well have contributed to his ostracism at Palomar. He was awarded very little time on the Hale Telescope.

  • We can learn from everything.

    There are lots of things out there that we can learn from. Astronomy is one of those many things. We can learn a lot from the stars and planets above us and we should continue to embrace such study. We can not be above any field of study because anything can help in the understanding of the world.

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