• There were some frog ties too

    The first frog was named jamal. The 2nd frog was named joker, The 3rd frog was jamals mommy. The 4th frog was named Harley Quinn The 5th frog was called Star Lord. All of them decided they were going to spam debate. Org until everyone was chased off the site. Now debate. Org is infested with frogs that are only capable of posting spam

  • There were five piggies

    One piggy went to the spam market
    The 2nd piggy stayed home so he could spam on debate. Org
    The 3rd piggy had roasted spam
    The 4th piggy had none because he was too busy spamming Marvel characters
    The 5th piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home because he can only post spam on debate. Org

  • Where’s the frogs?

    The title is misleading it says frogs and pigs I want my refund! Why is this story only about pigs I want the frogs too! Where’s the frogs? WHERES THE FROGS? ! ?
    I want the cute little froggies to be in this story with these 5 little piggies because of the title

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