From a Legal Perspective, Should Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube Have Been Removed?

  • Yes, The Courts Were Forced to Decide Because The Woman's Wishes Were Unclear

    The feeding tube was eventually removed, but only after a disagreement had
    raged for months in the courts and on the news. The husband and parents of the apparently
    brain dead woman could not agree on what she would have wanted, and medical
    personnel could not legally proceed without clear instructions. The situation was horrendous
    for all concerned, but it had one good result. It convinced many people to
    write down clear instructions for loved ones and doctors to follow in case of
    their own similar condition.

  • No, her parents represented her interests.

    No, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube should not have been removed, because her parents represented that she wanted to live. There was a disagreement between what her parents said her wishes were and what her husband said her wishes were. The judge should have erred on the side of life and allowed Schiavo to live.

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