• Frozen over gravity. Hands down

    I liked frozen so much better because it had a better plot. It was definitely better for children, and it had good characters and plot. Gravity had one person who was panicking the whole time. It made me nauseous with all the spinning in circles. I had to look away. With frozen however, i couldn't take my eyes off the big screen. It was hilarious and was very entertaining along with having great music.

  • Yes, but never better than studio ghibli.

    I haven't cried during a movie since watching the boy in the striped pajamas (yes I know there was a book too, I was too lazy to read). Frozen was an excellent movie with good plot, good music (good for disney. Finally getting a movie musical to challenge Lion King and the other one in popularity) and amazing animations.

    Never better then Studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki for life. Frozen can suck Castle in the Sky's d*ck.

  • Gravity was Not that great

    Gravity is not at all what I expected. I paid for 3-D and It wasn't even that good in 3-D. Frozen made more sense to me then Gravity. Frozen had a better Plot Yet It had a award from Oscar Award. But Frozen was the Best Animated Movie in the Oscar Award. This is my Reasons of Choosing Frozen. Thank You.

  • Frozen is way better than Gravity

    Even though its animated it deals with all the feelings and emotions we often encounter in life. Packed with humor and excellent dialogues, that movie definitely gives you a great treat in your leisure time. I recommend it to all who wants to watch something decent unlike many movies i could mention now.

  • Frozen sucked bad

    I watched about 20 minutes of it then couldn't stand it any more. I don't see how anyone in their right mind would make a movie like that. That's just straight up fiction. The story in Gravity could actually happen to real astronauts today. Frozen is for 6 year olds.

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