• It's overly used.

    You shouldn't let it all go. That would cause a mess. It would make the whole world miserable and maybe dead. I will never tell a human some things in my head. The truth is, if you care about yourself or others, there are things about you to keep hidden. This includes thoughts, actions, opinions, emotions, and probably anything else.

  • Yes, it's making me crazy

    Absolutely! My daughter sings the song all the time, as do the hosts of our local radio station during my morning commute. I didn't even like the movie very much, and at this point it's driving me crazy! What we need to "Let Go" of is this annoying song that keeps playing everywhere.

  • Yes, I am.

    I thought the movie and the song was very well done, but now I'm sick of hearing about it. Anytime someone complains about something people make a joke and start singing let it go. It's like a bad joke that will never end. I think children can talk about it however long they would like, but adults need to move on.

  • Somethimes Things Can't be Let Go

    Letting go of things is often a good idea. Stress and anger are unproductive and can be bad for your health. However some problems are too serious to just let go and being told to let it go is annoying. Some things must be dealt with and thought about rather than just forgotten.

  • Not yet, but close.

    I saw it for the first time about two months ago, so it isn't super old for me yet. But when I was babysitting, one of the girls begged me to sing it over and over again until I was getting tired of it. But I like the song a lot because I identify with a lot of it, so if I think of the words and what they mean, I feel less fed up.

  • The buzz over "Frozen" has passed

    This musical piece used to be sung quite constantly, although recently the hype about it has died down. Long past the Oscars and awards won by this musical piece for the movie "Frozen" the buzz has died and locals here don't have to worry about the annoyance of repetitiveness brought by it anymore.

  • Hahaha, not yet!

    It was an enjoyable movie with an endless amount of joke-referencing possibilities. The song was good, and so far, I haven't been annoyed by it. I have gotten annoyed by a number of other popular songs out right now though. To me, that Beautiful song by One Direction is so over-played XD

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-07-03T23:39:27.967
Just let it go. Sorry. Couldn't resist. LOL!