Fukishima Earthquake: Should the Pacific Rim be preparing for more quakes?

  • The Pacific Rim should be preparing for more quakes

    The Pacific Rim should be preparing for more quakes. It is just pure geological common sense that if you build a city or country on top of a earthquake fault, then it is just a matter of time before the proverbial poop hits the fan. So, take all the chances they want, it's just a matter of time.

  • They are ineviable.

    Throughout time, the Pacific Rim has suffered a large number of earthquakes. This includes in the United States, such as San Francisco, and other places. It is important that these places do everything they can to prepare in order to minimize the damage that is inevitable when these things happen on occasion.

  • Yes, i think so.

    Whether the timeline is accurate or not we CAN be sure there will be more large earthquakes in Japan. Being as prepared as possible is a good idea! That includes, finishing all safety standards of nuclear plants before they are restarted. it is a fact that Japan is vulnerable to earthquake, but before such predictions, facts and findings should be presented before academics and professionals. because such rumors can create anxiety and concerns. such discussions also create many scary questions, such as, the number of deaths, the numbers of injuries, the scale of damage, state of the nuclear plants, lack of resources and lack of labor for rehabilitation, and so on, Anyway, Japan should always remain prepare and alert for natural disasters.

  • Yes, preparation is good.

    The occurrence of earthquakes is catalyzed by time and pressure. Not only are earthquakes becoming more frequent in unexpected areas (such as the Ozarks), but they are becoming more intense in some places. Since earthquakes are difficult to avoid and at this point impossible to prevent, preparation is completely necessary. Any location with significant risk of earthquakes should be prepared for such an event.

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