Full-body scanners at airports: Are fully-body scanners consistent with individual rights?

  • It's better than an invasive pat-down.

    Like it or not, and believe me, I don't, the TSA is a political and security reality and we're going to have to deal with them. They're going to do their searches, and if the alternative is getting groped and patted down in an invasive physical search, then put me in the scanner instead. It's less disgusting for all involved.

  • Yes full body scanners consistent

    While we all want to protect our rights, we have to realize that the times we live in , we have to give up some right to privacy to protect ourselves and others safety. I feel full body scanners invade our privacy less then a physical body search, where a stranger is putting their hands on your body. With a scanner you are not viewed naked, you are only showing anything on your person that may come into question. DO I like that society has pushed us this far.. No.. But I would rather be safe than sorry. I may be innocent of carrying a concealed object.. But another passenger may not , 9/11 has taught us that much.

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