Full-body scanners at airports: Is the price of full-body scanners reasonable and worth-it?

  • Yes. Boddy scanners are reasonable and worth it.

    Yes. Full-body scanners at airports are reasonable and worth it. They are necessary for the security of the passengers and the employees. We should use every means to provide security at airports even if it means spending money on full-body scanners. If safety is counted on then more people would use the airport services.

  • TSA may know best!

    At many airports around the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration is now using full body scanner machines and also much more invasive pat-down searches. While passengers are supposed to be told that they have a right to opt out of the body scanners, in some cases, TSA employees are not giving them any other option.
    If you do not want your body to be scanned by a machine that uses x-rays to create an unclothed outline of your body, you may insist on your right to opt out of the full body scanners. But, you may then be subjected to an invasive pat-down of your body at the hands of TSA screeners. The TSA has recently changed its guidelines and these pat-downs are now much more invasive. Screeners are now authorized to use the front of their hands and to touch areas around chest and other areas. Passengers being screened are supposed to be given privacy during these more invasive pat-downs and the searches are supposed to be done by screeners of the same gender.

  • $45 Million Dollars Wasted

    It is hard to believe, but the TSA apparently spent 45 million dollars for 250 full body scanners. Chances are they will not be used, because of concerns about privacy and cancer. This expensive boondoggle is just another example of wasteful government spending that annoys taxpayers and does nothing whatsoever to improve our security.

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