Full-body scanners at airports: Should counter-terrorism efforts include full-body scans at airports?

  • Yes it should.

    Counter terrorism efforts should include full body scans at all airports. Every effort should be made at airports to endure the safety of passengers that board flights. Full body scans are not used on every person, only those who could possibly pose a threat. It is not an invasion of privacy like many people claim.

  • Counter-terrorism efforts include full-body scans at airports.

    I believe counter-terrorism efforts include full-body scans at airports. I think using this tool will help airport security find weapons to prevent terrorist attacks. If It could help even a little bit, we should use all methods to prevent terrorist attacks to avoid national tragedy and keep the people of our country safe.

  • Full-Body Scanners Invade Privacy

    Actually, full-body scanners invade privacy, because they show people nude. This is unacceptable. Full-body scanners cost a lot of money, are based on the idea of not trusting anyone (which makes no one free, which, in turn, is very unconstitutional), and they raise the risk of cancer. The major concern, though, is privacy. Full-body scanners make a picture of the person nude, which is an invasion of privacy (also unconstitutional). Full-body scanning is just so unconstitutional on so many levels.

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