Funding for space exploration: Are missions to mars important, worth funding?

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  • I don't agree with a mission to mars at this time.

    While a mission to mars may have a lot of appeal to a number of people. I don't know if an undertaking of that would be a great decision considering there may be better ways to spend those resources. For example they are probably a number of projects that could use support here.

  • NO. We need to concentrate on fixing our local issues first.

    We have far too many issues costing so much right now, I think we need to solve these problems before we can take the time and money to satisfy our curiosity. Homelessness, hunger, war, a failing economy, crime, excessive prison population, poverty, just to name a few...I love the idea of space travel, new scientific discovery, and knowledge, but honestly...We have more important needs, like education, to worry about first. Or there won't be anyone with the intelligence to explore space left on Earth.

  • NO. We need the money for here and now.

    We have so many issues more local; homelessness, hunger, debt, foreclosure, education, weak economy, and crime, just to name a few. I think we need to concentrate our resources here, on earth, to fix our current issues. THEN we can have the time and resources to explore our universe, and quench our curiosity.

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