Funding for space exploration: Is sending humans to space good for international relations?

  • Space will unite humanity

    Space will give humanity as a whole the perspective it needs to realize that our differences are trivial. It will awaken us to the practical reality of space exploration. It will give us new technologies that can make life better immediately. It will save humanity from itself. Space is our best hope.

  • Yes it is.

    Funding for space exploration to send humans in to space is food for international relations. Space exploration would be best if it was funded by multiple countries, making them more friendly towards each other. Sending humans in to space is always an advancement for the human race, not any on specific country.

  • Feeding Hungry, Housing Homeless is Better

    Space exploration may be good for international relations in some sectors, but feeding the starving humans and building houses for the homeless will be even better. When everyone on Earth is eating and living comfortably in a dwelling, there will be less anger in the world and international relations will peak at an all-time high. Wars fought over deplorable economic conditions will cease to exist.

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