Funding for space exploration: Is space an important frontier for human exploration/inspiration?

  • What we all had a fascination of

    We all had a fascination of space before once in our lives. We dont know what is out beyond what we see and our curiosity is bubbling to know. So it is our human nature that is what wants us to go. Your own nature is very hard to just push away when it is part of you.

  • We Should Always Explore

    I believe it is important to continue the exploration of space. I believe science still has many unanswered questions, that we need to further explore. I do not believe we have reached our finals goals for space exploration and we should continue to study and improve our technologies. I believe we, as a race, are curious enough to justify the expense of these programs.

  • Yes, it is interesting.

    Yes, space is an important frontier for human exploration, because the discoveries learned from space could improve our quality of life. The earth and all of us who live in it could not live without the sun. So it is important to learn about the sun, how it works, and other things in the galaxy that affect it. Space has practical applications and should be explored.

  • Yes it is

    Maybe it is important to continue space exploration since it is so interesting and may prove to be useful in the future. Eventually technology should allow us to travel at faster speeds and man will make big ships to go on deep voyage missions and probably reach a new solar system.

  • Funding for space exploration is an important frontier for human exploration/inspiration.

    Funding for space exploration is an important frontier for human exploration/inspiration. I think that we need to continue with our space exploration and find out everything that we can by the space that surrounds us. To stop doing this because of funding concerns is just a waste in my opinion.

  • Space, the most important frontier

    It is critical that we continue to find space exploration. We have learned an incredible amount about the nature of the universe, the nature of planets, and even the nature of life just from the Mars Rover. The more we explore the universe the more we will learn.

    Not only that, we get concrete benefits for the people of Earth. NASA has either directly created or indirectly contributed to the following inventions or technologies: memory foam, ear thermometers, freeze drying, artificial limbs, and many, many more. The gains we get from exploring space far outweigh the cost.

  • No, there are more important things.

    There are so many topics on earth that are more important. Yes, exploring space is cool, and I think that it is a great way to see God's handy-work, but people are starving and dying of diseases. Who would we be to watch them die and not give them medication or food, because we're using the money to explore space?

  • Space is not an important frontier for human exploration.

    Although there are many movies and television shows about space, it will remain unattainable for a long time and its exploration should be put on hold until technology becomes more advanced. Rather, we should spend out time and energy on more fruitful fields of research, such as curing diseases or solving the energy problem.

  • No. There are plenty of worhty investments right here on Earth.

    No. Some would argue that exploring space is extremely important. I would disagree. There are plenty of ways to spend the trillions of dollars that space travel requires. There are people starving to death everyday around the world, and we decide it's more important to humanity if we put someone up into space. It's logically wrong, and ethically wrong.

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