Funding for space exploration: Should opponents of space exploration still be required to contribute?

  • It helps Everyone

    Space exploration is a field we have only truly been exploring for the last half century, we have barely scratched the surface and thanks to it we have been able to develop amazing technologies. Besides currently the budget costs americans half a cent per dollar on taxes, so 18 billion dollars compared to the total 1.1 trillion dollars of discrecionary spending.

  • Space exploration benifits everyone in many ways

    I agree with the fact that the space exploration should be contributed by opponents. Space exploration is a important part of our life. Not to be a child but god forbids if we have aliens invasion or some kind of natural disaster our qualified personals would be able to handle such a threats or any inconvenience problems due to natural cause. We never know, we might find a alternative energy somewhere in the space that we can use on earth.

  • Like any other taxes

    Maybe I don't like the war, can I exclude my taxes from that? Or how about all those subsidies to farmers. I don't like that either. It's impoverishing third world farmers.

    Space exploration is the most worthy thing in the budget. The future of our nation and of our species depends on it. If we cut funding now it could mean extinction. Years from now there could be a meteor heading towards the Earth and that funding could mean the difference between being able to destroy it and not.

    Furthermore the future economy may depend on space as we use up resources on Earth. There is much hydrogen and helium on outer planets. We also want to get closer to interstellar travel.

  • Opponents would end up being free riders.

    Opponents of space exploration should always pay their share because if there is any societal benefits derived from space exploration there would be no way of exclude those who did not contribute to space exploration from the societal benefits of space exploration. In of words, they would be getting a free riders.

  • Contributions should not be required of anyone.

    Contributions to efforts such as this should not be required. Taxes are already taken that pay for funding of government programs. Any additional programs should be volunteered and not required. The money that someone has is his or hers to spend as they see fit and should not be taken from them.

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