Funding International Space Station: Is significant funding for an international space station a good idea?

  • Technology from space

    I think we should because all of modern day technology was invented in the space program, such as cell phones and computers and t.V's and calculators and the material in running sneakers and laser surgery. Are you willing to give that up this technology could save our lives someday so vote yes and save technology

  • Science is important

    Spending on the space program is important for the advancement of science in the US. The ISS is important for science in the world - not just for pure science in general, but also as a symbol of international cooperation. The space program led to huge leaps in computer science and engineering, and this legacy should continue.

  • Yes, it is important to win the space race.

    Yes, it is important to fund the International Space Station, because it is important to win the space race. If another country claims space, they will control it forever. Controlling the universe is a good way for a nation to demonstrate power and control. This should not be left to other nations. The investment is worth it.

  • Taxes we will get

    Its tax day! Would you want $0.05 back for every tax day? Of course!
    Almost half the money everyone sends in is "improving" the iss.

    From 1994 through now (2016) we would have payed around $50 billion dollars just for a stupid space house.

    Alll people want to do in space is do backflips in space!

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