• Saturday Night Live has gone downhill.

    GIven the many talented comedians who have made up past seasons of Saturday Night Live, and the relative lack of bright comedic minds that have found their way to the show in the past few years, the show has definitely gone down hill. While Don Pardo was an icon as far as Saturday Night Live is concerned, and he will sorely be missed, the show was on a severe decline even before his unfortunate passing.

  • Yes, it has.

    They haven't had a good group of cast members in a very long time. While there have been some standouts like Andy Samberg, they often leave the show after a short amount of time to pursue other career goals. I think they used to be an edgier show, but now they have lost a bit of that edge.

  • Yeah, it has been for the last decade.

    Watching old episodes of Saturday Night Live, the show lived up to all the hype back in its heyday in the 70s and through to the 90s. Trust me. I watched a recent episode some time ago; absolutely dreadful. They can try to bring in special guest celebrities to fill the void, but I can't see the show lasting much longer... Maybe another 2-3 years at best, but I think the show has outlived itself.

    On the flip-side, I wouldn't mind seeing an SNL reunion show where the original cast comes back to do some original skits. Wishful thinking, but it is possible.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Saturday Night Live has been downhill for a long time

    I can't honestly remember the last time I watched an episode of Saturday Night Live and thought it was entertaining, let alone funny or comical overall. The acting has dropped, the skits have dropped, the guest appearances and hosting have dropped. Just about everywhere the quality has suffered in recent times.

  • no it has not gone down hill.

    It is sad that he has passed but I believe the show has lived on. There are a lot of funny people on Saturday Night Live so it is still a funny and great show. His fellows actors and actresses have stepped up and continued to keep the show a joy to watch.

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