Fusion power: Does fusion power represent the future of energy generation?

  • Fusion power is likely the future of energy generation.

    As the world's oil resources continue to be depleted, we will need to look to other sources of power. Fusion power is a powerful alternative that can provide enough power for a lot of people, which would ultimately mean that we would need few power plants. The largest power plant in the United States right now relies on fusion to power parts of four different states, and it is currently a model for other power plants because it not only provides a lot of power, but is able to recycle the waste generated in the process.

  • Fusion power is a non-poluting effcient source of power.

    At this point and time fusion power is not possible. However, that may not be the case in the future. I must admit that I am not an expert on this type of power. I cannot say what the chances are of it coming to fruition. If it does happen it would be a great thing because it is relatively inexpensive, doesn't cause harm to the environment, is safe, and doesn't use valuable resources from the earth.

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